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About Us


Both Joe and Mandi have been around dogs all their lives. While Mandi’s family was breeding Dobermans, Joe was volunteering in shelters. Both learning at an early age about temperaments, behaviors and the importance of a trained and well behaved dog.

Joe and Mandi married in 2007 and not to long after that, Joe took his third deployment to Afghanistan. While deployed, Joe had the privilege to get a closer look and learn more about military working dogs. Always having a strong knowledge of dogs, he knew he wanted to further his knowledge with this type of dog.

With life changes Joe took a job that moved the family to Idaho in 2010. The downside to this job was keeping him away from home a lot. Because of this they decided to start protection training with their German Shepherd. Joe wanted a extra layer of security for his wife and two young boys, being gone as often as he was. Since then they have worked and learned with some amazing trainers. They also found how hard it is to find a healthy, quality working line German Shepherd.

In 2016 they moved to Sweet, ID where they had the land and the facilities to start their own breeding program, where they only breed healthy, quality, working line dogs. They have also acquired Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinios to add to their program. Not only do they breed they also provide protection, narcotics detection and obedience training.

Joe and Mandi want to help people feel safe in their homes and have a loyal family member and guardian that is always on watch.